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Ronin Leather Holsters, LLC, formerly Little Bear Custom Holsters, where I hope to set a new bar with high quality, service grade leather gear and customer service. I am sure many are curious about the name and if I was referring to the 47 Ronin during the time of Feudal Japan. This is not the case. I chose the name based off the definition: “Wave man” or man tossed about, going from job to job. I believe this defines myself and I am sure, many others. I was a professional musician and moved from job to job to help support that lifestyle. I joined the US Army, Military Police Corps, in 1995 and served until the end of 2005. Upon my ETS, I worked/managed a gun store in Washington State and then started Little Bear in 2006. I currently co-own a family production and labor company in Florida and work in my leather shop.

I believe Ronin is another wave in my life. I found the stigma I created with Little Bear, of truly custom holsters, with an emphasis of exotics, was no longer my cup of tea. Ronin will offer the same holsters as Little Bear and eventually, quite a few more. My intent with Ronin is to offer the best holster I can make but not fully custom They are not “heirloom grade”, nor do I want to go that route. I will not change the designs which have been highly successful, not only in the civilian community but worn by federal and state/city law enforcement, military and overseas contractors. There is now a myriad of custom holster makers who I am sure will take on such task.

The processes I use will remain the same: A grade US vegetable tanned cowhide, but it will be pre-dyed from the tannery. This will help keep the prices down and the turnaround times, without sacrificing the quality I demand. I throw away 2 holsters a week for one reason or another. Sometimes, the leather just doesn’t feel right, look right or mold how I want it to. I will never send out a holster I would not use myself or give to a loved one.

I truly hope the mission of Ronin is well received and I can keep that personal touch, with each customer. I will respond to inquiries within twenty-four hours and ensure the customer is satisfied with the purchase. I will not compromise my business method to simply make a buck. I have run into that, as a consumer, way too many times. No one wants to deal with a company that does not stand behind their product or their word.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. If I cannot help you, I can direct you to a maker who can.

Check back to see the new holsters and gear being released as I get my footing on this new venture.

I want to thank all the supporters of Little Bear over the years. I think it was successful, considering I started it to make holsters for friends, who could not find, nor wait 12 weeks for a holster they could wear for 12 hours, or more a day.

Dave Galloway