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Aegis Single Clip Appendix Tuckable Holster $60

This holster is designed to be worn at the appendix. The slim design adds comfort and helps with concealment. We have customers who enjoy it, from their Ruger LCP to their Browning High Power. However, myself and others do wear it strong side or towards the kidney. However, do note due to the single clip design and slim profile, it won’t be as stable as a dual clip system.
If so desired, we can add a stabilization fin to the Aegis for strong side carry. However, this will negate appendix carry altogether.

Aegis Two Clip Appendix Tuckable Holster: $75

The holster is the Aegis Single Clip but, a strip of leather, with Chicago nuts mounted underneath, is sewn to the slide area, which allows for a second clip. This set up is ideal for heavier firearms, for those who prefer the added stability, or to interchange between a clip under the trigger guard to a clip at the center of the gun.

Aegis 3 Holster: $75

The Aegis Calypto appendix holster has been very popular over the years. However, some folks prefer a snap loop instead of the kydex clip. The Aegis 3 is a best of all worlds holster, in my opinion. It comes standard with a snap loop and steel band reinforced mouth. You can add the modwing to help concealment and comfort. Add a kydex clip to the order, and you can use the holster just like the standard Aegis.

I found, with this holster, the snap loop system is not only great for appendix but strong side carry (without the Modwing). If you purchase a Tough Clip or Garrett clip, it allows a small amount of cant, which works well with strong side carry, as well.
Clips and Modwings can be purchased separately at the time of the order, or later on.