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Aegis IWB Magazine carrier: $45

This slim magazine design is perfect for appendix carry. The front single clip allows the wearer to move it around to find a comfortable spot for all day carry. Due to the design, and manufacturing process, it is meant for “bullets forward”. Using it in a “bullets back” configuration is entirely on the customer as we do not recommend it. Though we recommend a slim clip, the clips from Garrett Industries, can be used with additional hardware (please add $3 to the listed price). Due to comfort issues, we do not reinforce the mouth of this magazine carrier. The intent is to keep it as sleek, slim and comfortable as possible. When ordering, please let us know if the magazine is extended, etc.

****PLEASE NOTE**** For smaller magazines, IE Ruger LCP, the bottom of the magazine carrier will have to be extended to accommodate holes needed for the kydex clip.

Hoplite magazine carrier: $45

Our snap on IWB, single magazine carrier is much like our Hoplite holster. It can be built with zero to 25 degrees of cant. For small magazines, we will use a full size pattern to assure comfort.