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Kaiken ("Dagger") $100

This model IWB is being introduced due to the popularity with a few of my customers.The holster comes with kydex clips which can be mounted inside of the sleeve for standard IWB carry or mounted outside of the sleeve for tuckable IWB. The back is molded as flat as possible which makes the mouth more rigid for easier one hand reholstering.
The flat back does offer more comfort for carry near and to the kidney. The holster must have at least a 7 degree cant, especially for smaller firearms.

A reinforced mouth is offered for this model but, if you are after a slim holster, I do not recommend it. I am only offering the following clips for this holster: G-Code and Tough Clips. If you want "tuckable" only, the Garrett Standard HD clip will work. However, there will not be a sleeve and the clips will be mounted to the outside of the holster. Clips are only offered in 1.5" and 1.75".
Due to clip size, smaller firearms must have a sewn muzzle to accommodate the clips.