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NSO IWB $100

The draw of this style holster is international. I think everyone i have met has owned one of these in one form or another. It is a classic and timeless slim, clamshell style inside the waist holster that is proven to conceal anything from a Ruger LCP to a HK USP 45. I have received enough requests for this style, I think it is time to add it to my wheelhouse.

What makes my take on it different are the options.
Choose your:
Color of the holster body, reinforcement and loops.
Shirt guard size
Laminate the face, reinforcement or snap loops in an exotic hide (please check for availability)
Steel band reinforcement is included
Open or sewn muzzle
Rubber spacer between the body and snap loops.
Slick side in our out
(A thumb break is not available for this holster. )