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Okami (Wolf) $90

This is a unique design that incorporated a belt slot at back of the holster and a two snap front. The idea for this holster was to have that "Avenger" look but to pull the butt of the gun closer to the body for folks like me. The "Avenger" style holsters either wobbles or sticks out too far for my body type and I have tried an "Avenger" from almost every major and custom maker.
My intent was also to allow a greater cant and higher ride to allow the holster to be worn from 330 to 430 (930 to 830 for left handed folks).
Please be aware, at 3 or 9, the top of the slide/sights will pull out due to the back belt slot pulling more than the snap loops. Depending on cant and ride, this could allow the gun to print more than most would like.