Ordering and Warranty info:

Here is the basic information we will need for the order:

  • Sight height, if not factory. Please let us know if you have suppressor sights
  • Reflex/red dot sight
  • Side worn
  • Position worn
  • Cant
  • Ride height
  • Color
  • Type of reinforcement
  • Color of reinforcement
  • Open or sewn muzzle
  • Shirt guard: none, half or full (please see the pictures for examples)
  • Belt width most commonly worn
  • Warranty:

    We will cover the warranty on ALL Little Bear Custom Holsters made from 2015 to 2020.

    Our warranty is: The buyer has a 3 day inspection period. If the holster is defective, it must be returned in "like new" condition. The buyer has the option to receive a full refund, minus the return shipping. Have another holster built or a credit to their account. Damaged/broken clips: Ronin Leather Holsters, LLC is not responsible for the warranty of any of the clips. If a G Code or Garrett Industries clip breaks, please contact the manufacturer regarding their warranty. The unbranded clips do not have a warranty from the manufacturer that we could find. Please follow the instructions for break in as adding oils, soaking it in water, etc will void the warranty. View Break-in Instructions

    We only use A grade, Wickett and Craig, USA made vegetable tanned leather. We currently offer their mahogany, black and brown, tannery dyed leather. If you would like a different color, please contact Dave for more information. Expect certain upcharges and fees as we do not stock "natural" hides and oil dyes at this time. All edges are rounded and burnished for comfort. We only use the exact replica molds for holsters. Each holster is tested before it leaves our shop, for quality, retention and draw. We include a copy of our break in and care instructions along with a piece of wax paper, with each order.

    Thank you for your interest in leather gear from Ronin Leather Holsters, LLC. We are trying to keep the order process simple and take it back to the basics of one on one discussions regarding the orders. Orders can be taken via our order inquiry form, email, or set up an appointment for a phone order.


    We ship priority USPS unless otherwise requested. Our shipping rates for most OWB or IWB holsters is $9. Tanker holsters, belts and larger holsters shipping is $14. We will ship UPS and FedEx, however, prices will vary.

    Things to think about when ordering:

    Please inform us of any modifications to the gun. Things like red dots/RMR, threaded barrels, taller sights, etc are very important for us to know. Some of our holsters are not designed to accommodate all of those additions/modifications. We are going to release an IWB specific for red dots/RMR by 1 April 2020.

    Let's get this one out of the way first. As we were Little Bear Custom Holsters and known for a lot of exotic and unique holsters, we are limiting if not doing away with all of the exotics, artwork, etc. If you are interested in an exotic leather holster, please contact us but know the price will not be anything like it was. The exotic hide will be custom ordered to the size of the build. Therefore, any discount for bulk ordering, from the tannery, will be lost. What was a $125 alligator belt will now be a $200 alligator belt as the piece ordered will be enough for the belt and a belt keeper. . We will be paying just under MSRP for that piece of hide and our profit on such is very small. There will be no refunds or exchanges for an exotic order. The only exception will be the holster is defective.

    With our tuckable clip holsters, please think about clip length vs gun size. There have been times when customers have wanted a 2 inch clip for a Ruger LCP. The length of the clip isn't 2 inches; the overall length will be almost 4 inches. Even with a sewn muzzle, to add more leather to accommodate such, cutting down the clip one hole, it is still too long. The clip would only have one hole and that may not work for some people. If that is the belt size the customer prefers, we would recommend a "J" clip, which we can order in or order the Aegis with a single, center clip. This may help solve the problem with most pocket size firearms.

    Our tuckable/clip holsters come with a rubber spacer system, except with G Code clips, to allow room to tuck a shirt in. It can make it easier to put the clip over the belt. Our snap on holsters won't be lower than medium low for zero cant. This is to allow a full purchase of the firearm and a smooth draw stroke. For light bearing pistols, we are limiting it to certain holsters. Please see the notes under each holster description. For our IWB, snap loop holsters, we put a rubber space between the back of the snap loop and the holster. We have found this helpful when putting on the holster and placing the loop around the belt. Other makers have a similar system with leather, etc but we want to keep it simple if you want to change loops or remove them for use with our IWB/OWB holster we offer. I cannot stress this enough: please do not ask us to make a holster that is not offered on our site. If we do not make a specific holster, we can help you find a maker who can. We are happy to recommend other makers who make gear we do not. If you do not see your gun on our gun list, please email and we may be able to obtain it for the build. Please remember leather is not kydex and kydex is not leather. If you would like the slick leather inside but a stiff, it will NEVER close, please check out Garrett Industries "Silent Thunder". It is a leather lined, kydex holster and is that sort of best of both worlds, so to speak. Though we will soon be offering a laminated slick in and slick out option for most of our holsters, we are not there yet. We are also working on steel band reinforced mouths for our IWB holsters. Combine the slick in and out with the steel band, and that should be what a lot of folks are after. Please keep checking back for the release of both. We do not offer horse hide holsters.

    Thank you for visiting our site.
    If you have any questions, please contact
    Dave Galloway: roninleatherholstersllc@gmail.com