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SOB (Small Of the Back) OWB $85

I am sure those who know me are shocked I am releasing an SOB holster. I have never been a fan for many reasons. However, when the demand is there, I figured why not. The design is simple and proven. The beta testers found it comfortable for sitting, standing, walking around, etc. It was tested in LEO and security settings. And in normal civilian life. Every from a Kahr subcompact 9mm to a CZ P10C, with APLc. The options for this holster are limited. The cant and ride are fixed. I will not deviate from this as it works. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel for this rig. It is not offered with a thumb break as the back is as flat as possible, with two pieces of laminated leather. The front of the holster is heavily molded to work as the retention. An exotic full face is an option. Please contact me for what I have in stock. Please contact me with any questions.