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Tanker Holster: $105

Our tanker holster has been very popular for hiking, camping, ATV or chores where critters and snakes may be lurking. Unlike the off the shelf style, the chest straps are custom cut to the customer. Unlike most makers, we offer more adjustment for use over a heavy coat or adjust it to a t-shirt. The belt snap loop is also adjustable to allow the customer. The holster is molded on the front and very little on the back to help with retention and ease of draw. We use only high-quality hardware, One Way snaps and straps made from the same high grade American vege tanned cowhide.

Before ordering, please measure the following for a better fit:
For the shoulder strap, please measure from where you want the ejection port/cylinder positioned on your torso. Up the back, over the shoulder and to the grip area.
For the back strap, please measure from the ejection port/cylinder, around the back, across the front torso area to where the front of the trigger guard and frame meet.
Though this can be difficult to do, without assistance, it will make the holster custom tailored to you.